Goth makeup for your everyday look

The Goth Style is well known with its dark colors that express a strong and determined personality. You can easily recognize a Goth fan by the unique and mysterious outfit, but also by their interesting look. Devilish, yet sexy the Goth makeup is truly amazing and stylish. However, it is not something that should be overlooked. It may seem like taking candy from a baby but you have to remember that if you want to achieve that enigmatic look there are some simple rules you need to follow.

1. Skin complexion
In order to get that pale look which is so typical for this style you need to work on your face… A lot. When you choose the foundation you have to be very careful. Go for a foundation that is a tone or two lighter than your skin tone. Take your time while spreading the foundation. Make sure that you even it out all over the face. Do not forget the neck.

2. The eyes
Well, this is the part where you need to be diligent. Your eyes are supposed to be dramatic for this look, but you must know your boundaries – especially when it comes to a day makeup. Every Goth, both male and female cannot go without a black eyeliner – it is essential and it highlights the eyes a lot against the pale skin complexion. By using either a liquid eyeliner or a dark eye pencil shape the form of your eyes the way you want to. The dark eye shadows are perfect in this case and you do not have to use only the black. Every dark color like deep blue, burgundy or purple would be a great choice. Just try to match it with your outfit or at least with a part of it. Do not miss the lower eyelids. Finally, the mascara! Make sure that you apply another coat of mascara after the first one is dried out.

3. The blush
Never use too much product while highlighting your cheekbones. It will destroy the whole idea of the pale face. You need to look for blush in the beige color scheme.

4. About these gorgeous lips
Your everyday Goth look will not be complete without some color on your lips. Just like for the eyes – you can use purple, black or burgundy to make them look big and juicy. Also, get a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick and carefully outline your lips.

By following these basic steps you will definitely stand out and make an impression. Just remember that the whole concept of this amazing and eerie style hides in the details. And your perfect Goth makeup is one of them.